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We provide companies with in depth audits of their current on-site optimization. We then provide a quote to fix on-site optimization issues based on website size and depth of issues.

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Critical SEO Issue Check

  • HTTP 5XX server errors
  • HTTP 4XX client errors
  • Title tag is missing or empty
  • Duplicate title tag
  • Duplicate content
  • Internal broken links
  • We couldn`t crawl the page
  • We couldn`t resolve DNS to crawl your site
  • We couldn`t open the page`s URL
  • External broken links
  • Internal images are broken
  • External images are broken
  • Duplicate meta description
  • Malformed robots.txt
  • Sitemap files have format errors
  • Wrong pages found in sitemap
  • WWW domain configured incorrectly
  • Pages have no viewport tag
  • Large HTML page size
  • Missing canonical tags in AMP pages
  • Hreflang implementation issues
  • Hreflang conflicts within page source code
  • Bad hreflang link
  • Non-secure pages
  • Certificate Expiration
  • Old security protocol version
  • Certificate registered to incorrect name
  • Mixed content
  • Neither canonical URL nor 301 redirect from HTTP homepage to HTTPS version
  • Redirect chains and loops

Technical SEO Warning Check

  • Links to HTTP pages
  • Title element is too short
  • Title element is too long
  • Missing h1 heading
  • Multiple h1 tags
  • H1 and title tags have duplicate content
  • The meta description tag is missing
  • Too many on-page links
  • 302/307 redirect
  • Images without an ALT attribute
  • Slow loading speed
  • Text/HTML ratio
  • Overly dynamic URLs
  • Language is not specified
  • Encoding not declared
  • Doctype not declared
  • Page has a low word count
  • Flash is used
  • Frame is detected
  • Underscores in URLs
  • Internal links use a nofollow attribute
  • Sitemap exist but not found in robots
  • Sitemap file not found
  • Homepage does not use HTTPS encryption
  • No SNI support
  • HTTP link in HTTPS sitemap

SEO Best Practices Check

  • Crawler blocked
  • Long URL
  • External links use a nofollow attribute
  • No robots txt
  • Hreflang language mismatch issues
  • No HSTS support
  • Orphaned sitemap pages

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