Hubspot Inbound Marketing & SEO

The Hubspot platform is made for inbound marketing which makes Hubspot sites easy to optimize for SEO. The problem is, when Hubspot sites are created, they don’t always have SEO best practices in place. This is usually because while Hubspot websites have the functionality to create highly optimized websites, the person who creates the site does not always have the technical SEO skills needed to make the website SEO friendly or target specific keywords properly.

With Hubspot, SEO can be easily implemented

The bottom line is, Hubspot websites often times still require an SEO expert to optimize the website to it’s full potential. Not only does the website need to be completely optimized for the company’s target keywords, it also needs to be able to attract a constant flow of inbound links.

Inbound links are necessary for Inbound Marketing!

What do inbound links have to do with a company’s inbound marketing success? Inbound links are created any time another website on the internet links to a company’s website. These links from other sites online are counted somewhat as “votes” to the search engines. How is this possible? Search engines are able to track inbound links to any website by using search engine spiders that crawl the web and follow all the links to any website from another. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have search engine spiders that crawl the web and find links to and from other websites. Part of our job as inbound marketers is to help the  client website gain new inbound links from other websites.

Hubspot optimization with inbound links creates inbound marketing success

With a strong focus on SEO, inbound marketing can be a very powerful tool for businesses to increase revenue, drive qualified leads, and create new contacts for prospective customers. The inbound marketing process starts with a solid foundation in keyword research. Keyword research is used to find out what kind of search terms people are using to find the products and services our clients offer. After the keyword research is complete, highly relevant content pages need to be created to target these keywords. Using our proprietary search engine optimization process, we map up keywords to relevant pages that are created to target those keywords. Our team of highly trained content marketing specialists then reach out to relevant publishers, blogs, and other industry websites to gain new inbound links to our highly targeted content pages.

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