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Learn more about smpl coworking space software below. For coworking space owners that are starting a new space or current space owners that demand better space management software, the choice is smpl.

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Top Coworking Space Management Software – Updated 2018

  • – smpl is one of the newest leading coworking space management softwares on the market. Built by coworrking owners, for coworking owners, smpl is also one of the few American based coworking software companies, allowing them to cater to the needs of US coworking spaces as the trend continues to grow in the States.
  • – cobot is one of the leading coworking solutions for managing individual coworking spaces and is one of the longest standing competitors on the market. cobot was also founded by coworking space owners in Berlin who looked for solutions when managing the growth and success of their own space.
  • – Based in Paris, France, is currently targetting an A series as of 2018. The company’s goal is to “Create well-being and engagement in workplaces” through their software that is white label SaaS for desktop as well as mobile and also works with connected objects and services.
  • Coworkify is known for it’s simplicity. Having initially started as a coworking directory with basic booking features, coworkify prides itself on the simplicity of the software and aims to capture that concept in function.