About Kaizen Inbound

Kaizen Inbound was founded on the principle of continuous improvement of client marketing efforts. Not only do we provide ROI for our clients in terms of return on investment, but also in terms of return on information. We use the data we learn from our marketing campaigns to continuously improve our marketing efforts. This creates marketing campaigns that become highly efficient in the long term, resulting in increased ROI for clients over time.

How The Concept of Kaizen Relates to Inbound Marketing

kaizen inbound marketing results in continuous improvement of marketing effortsKaizen is a Japanese word that means continuous improvement. This concept relates directly to the inbound marketing efforts that Kaizen Inbound provides. All of the channels that fall under the umbrella of inbound marketing such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing reach maximum efficiency and maximum ROI when the data gathered from the marketing campaigns is constantly used to adjust marketing efforts. This is how the concept of continuous improvement or “Kaizen” relates to inbound marketing in a data driven digital world.

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About the Owner of Kaizen Inbound

Alan Rosinski of Kaizen InboundAlan Rosinski is the President and founder of Kaizen Inbound. With over 6 years of experience providing inbound marketing services and serving hundreds of clients, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better qualified agency to provide custom inbound marketing services for your company.

With experience in planning and implementing inbound marketing efforts such as SEO campaigns, PPC campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Remarketing (Retargeting), Content Marketing, and more, Kaizen Inbound is readily equipped with the experience and expertise to help companies of all types and sizes with the goal of generating new sales, leads, or revenue through inbound marketing.

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