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Some businesses fit with SEO better than others, and lawyers / law firms are one type of business that works very well with local SEO. Lawyers usually offer a very specific service in a certain area. This is true for lawyers that only provide service in their city and surrounding areas, but national law firms also fit very well into the search engine marketing model. Lawyers who represent clients for federal laws, such as federal tax laws, have very good success with inbound internet marketing. People are searching for a specific problem that they have, and when we get a law firm website in front of them that solves that problem, the result is a highly qualified lead for that lawyer.

SEO For Copyright Lawyers

Copyright lawyers are perfect for SEO agency services. Usually attorneys like to meet with local clients in the area face to face in order to help them. Sometimes copyright lawyers also work on a national level, serving clients across the country.

SEO For Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property lawyers can have a variety of primary practice areas, including trademark registration, litigation, and more. Trademark lawyers sometimes only want to do local SEO for their business, bu will often times want a national SEO campaign so they can help clients across the country.

SEO For Tax Lawyers

Tax attorneys are perfect for local business SEO. Some tax attorneys also provide help with federal tax problems, and sometimes more so than state tax problems, especially in states with no income tax. Local state tax attorneys mainly need to show up when people search for tax problem help in their city and surrounding areas. Problems usually include things like payroll tax problems, wage garnishments, unfiled returns, and similar issues.

SEO For Criminal Lawyers

Without local SEO, criminal attorneys are missing out on a lot of business. There is usually fairly high search volume for criminal attorney services in local city areas. People who need criminal lawyers search for DUI / DWI, drug crimes, weapons charges, fraud, internet crimes, and more. There are lots of key phrases to target for criminal lawyers, and local SEO can be a very good way to generate leads for these cases.

SEO For Corporate Lawyers

Business is complicated, and sometimes there are complicated legal matters in business that need to be taken care of by attorneys who’s primary practice area is corporate law. Things like commercial litigation, companies merging with / acquiring other companies, and other similar issues are very common. For smaller cases in a local service area, local SEO can be very good for corporate lawyers. National SEO can also help commercial business lawyers get leads for big cases that are outside of their local area.

The Goal of SEO For Law Firms

No matter what type of lawyer you are, the bottom line is that the goal of any internet marketing campaign is to generate more leads for your business and get more clients. With SEO, local or national, that is very easy to track and you will be able to see exactly how much of an increase in leads you have every month. The other important thing to note about SEO is that it is not an over-night solution. It does not happen instantly. Instead, it takes time to really begin to take effect. It is a long term marketing strategy for your business.

SEO & PPC Working Together

A good way to compliment SEO if you want to start getting traffic ASAP is with a small PPC campaign. A lot of times, clients will start off with a fairly heavy PPC budget, and then as the SEO begins to build up and generate more traffic, they will scale down the PPC campaign. The reason for this is because with PPC, you are paying for every single click to your website. SEO is just a service that you pay for to rank organically in the free results of the search engine. Because of this, SEO usually ends up being a better long term ROI for your company. You pay the same rate every month, and your traffic and leads form your website slowly increase over time. You do not pay more to get more traffic, like you would have to with PPC. When combined, SEO and PPC, are very good ways for lawyers to generate more leads online.

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