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Abnormal Operating Conditions

Adjustable or Variable Voltage

Automatic Crane

Auxiliary Hoist

Auxiliary Girder (Outrigger)

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Abnormal Operating Conditions:

  • Environmental conditions that are unfavorable, harmful or detrimental to or for the operation of a crane or hoist; conditions such as excessively high or low temperatures, corrosive fumes, dust laden or moisture laden atmospheres and hazardous locations.

Adjustable or Variable Voltage:

  • A method of control by which the motor supply voltage can be adjusted.

Automatic Crane:

  • A crane which, when activated, operates through a preset cycle or cycles.

Auxiliary Hoist:

  • A backup hoisting unit usually designed to handle lighter loads at a higher speed than the main hoist.

Auxiliary Girder (Outrigger):

  • A girder arranged parallel to the main girder for supporting the platform, motor base, operator’s cab, control panels, etc., to reduce the torsional forces such a load would otherwise impose on the main girder.