What is Search Volume? SEO & Keyword Match Types


Search volume is the amount of people that search for something each month. This could be for a certain phrase or a single keyword. When looking at search volume, there are a couple different ways to look at it. There is exact, phrase, and broad match search volume.

Exact Match Search Volume

Exact match is the number of people that search for an exact keyword, such as small business SEO services. This includes the volume for that keyword only and nothing else.

Phrase Match Search Volume

Phrase match is the search volume for any search that contains a certain phrase. If the phrase is local SEO, a phrase match would count anything that contains the words local SEO anywhere in it. So keywords that would also count would be local SEO services, small business local SEO, affordable local SEO, Google local SEO, etc

Broad Match Search Volume

Brad match volume contains anything that mentions the words in the phrase anywhere. With phrase match, they have to be in the order of the phrase you originally had. With broad match, the words can be anywhere. So a broad match for local SEO would also contain local small business SEO, local Chicago SEO company, local small business SEO, etc

A basic tool to check search volume on a keyword or phrase is the Google Keyword Tool (https://adwords.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/) which lets you select if you want to see exact, phrase, or broad match search volume numbers for the keyword you put in.

When it comes to local SEO, there wont be any search volume that shows for a lot of keywords. It doesn’t mean that nobody searches for the keyword. It just means that theres not enough data to give an estimate for the amount of searches every month. This is normal for local SEO keywords because once a city and stat is added to the local service or product, there are not a whole lot of people searching every month.

With local SEO, you often have a variety of small keywords that don’t have much search volume that you want to rank for. All these keywords with small amounts of search volume add up and give you a good amount of traffic to your site. Its much easier to rank for multiple smaller keywords, than to rank for 1 big keyword. So the point is, don’t stress if there is not a lot of search volume for local SEO keyword targets. It all adds up and there is plenty of volume for most local businesses.

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